Sunday, April 20, 2008

saturday and today. LOL.

finally, here it is. MY 99th 100th post!:DDD
*proud of myself*
went to 1u with sandy, brenda and the guys on saturday. :)
had really fun. sandy came to my hse at abt 10.30am. then we meet brenda and the guys there.
anyways, before meeting brenda, me and sandy passed by big apple donut, so we decided to get a piece each for our breakfast. heehee. we took iceberg. its one of my fav. effing delicious. :DD

afta tht, we met brenda and walk and talk. we bought tickets. while waiting for the movie, the guys played bowling and me, sandy and brenda just sit and watch coz we didnt wan to play. afta tht, we had lunch at mcd. we were actually late for the movie. we watched definitely, maybe.i'll giv it a 7/10. the movie is just okay. not a must to watch. :P
afta tht, me and sandy had starbuck. it was SOOOO DELICIOUS! have not drink it for a loooong time.
afta tht, we walked around doin nth and balik at abt 5.30pm. sandy came to my hse and we went online and youtubed. then, we did a lil of our project and went down to MAKAN! hahahaha. as u noe, if ure in my hse, u will nvr be hungry. hehehe. rite, sandy? :P while eating, we talk and talk and talk till 9.00pm when sandy's parents came. afta tht, i bath and do my project and TIDUR! lol.
ohh yeaaa, nic kee gav me this necklace as my belated bday. LOL. thanks NIC KEE! :D

as for today, i went 1u again. but this time with my mum and sis. was actually looking something for ir day. LOL. i met GUAN SHEN there. :D
had lunch at canton-i. the wan tan mee is freaking gooood, but expensive. ==

when we were halfway walking, we passed by dairy queen, so then we all bought an ice-cream each. the ice cream can be turned upside down! heeheee! i actually knew this ice-cream looong time ago through tv but i didnt noe tht they sell this ice-cream in 1u till brenda told me yst. ==
TADAA! cool eh?

afta shopping, we went home and i was rushing to finish up my bm and sej project. here are some pics of my folio. :D
did this in one day.
one of my fav.
the end! :D
i noe its ugly. you dont hafta tell me. :(
anyways, i gtg. its effing late now. bye byeeeeeeee!
ps. im having stomachache. sob.

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