Saturday, April 26, 2008

IR Day.

IR day rocks! :DD weee. i kina had alot fun on tht day, but at first it wasnt tht fun coz of tht guy who sandy mentioned in her blog. oh well, what to do? he's immature. urgghh. whatever la. forget abt it. sooo, i met looooads of frens there like the kb-ians. this time, the form 3 and form 4. heee. it was kinna awkward at first, but i actually managed to get along with some of them. :D i really do had fun talking to u guys! lalalalala~~ and and and, SHAHRUL AND HIS BAND ROCKED THE SHOW! their guitar, keyboard, drum and everything was really good! heeeheee.

here are the pictures i took. :D
closed eye.
chen shen! :)

shashhyyyy!elvina! hee.

nic keee! :Dsouvenir frm marcus. LOL.
cactus! :D
tht's the number of our table.

taken frm her blog.


ps. i wont be blogging for quite some time coz exam is coming in 2 weeks time and ill blog abt my malacca trip right afta my exam. ok? sorry, people! (:

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