Saturday, April 19, 2008

friday. :D

well, i would like to talk abt FRIDAY.
on tht day, my class was picked to go for this some kind of klinik kesihatan thingy.
i tot it would be very bored there, but thanks to the KB-ians! i really had LOOOADS of funnn.
met my old frens there, like chooi yin, meryl, teong liang, jo yee and also yap jing sheng. heeeheee. at first, when we met each other we were like screaming and hugging like crazy. LOL.
then, chooi yin introduced me to ALL her classmates. THANKS ALOT CHOOI YIN! heee.
so, i made loads of new frens TOO! anyways, they were very sporting and friendly. i could actually mix with them very well like they we met each other LOONG LOOONG time ago. and and, the fun thing was, the kb-ians were like TAK ADA when the host was calling the names for the lucky draw thing. so then, i joined them. it was soo fuuuun! chooi yin and ruth got it. CONGRATS to both of u! :D hopefully this kina outing would happen again with the kb-ians. heeeheee. :D like what sandy said, too bad we didnt bring our camera. sob.
it turns out to be the worst day of my life to the one of BEST day of my life. heehee. :D

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