Saturday, May 17, 2008


oh GOD, exams are so called over. will be sitting for moral and seni papers next tues. i feel so much relieve right now.

i've realized that i have not been blogging for ages.
well, talking about exams, i've been having sleepless night every single day. pfft.
exams really do stress me out. memorising this, reading this, doing this and looads more. every single thing i did is every single effort i put in. i really hope to get a good result this time. anyways, i've already gotten my sej mark. and its a very looooooow. i was emoing and complaining about it the whole day. the most effort i put in, it was my sej. i studied it for a week and this is the result i got. pfft.

urgghhh. lets just forget about exams. the past is just the past. :) holidays are coming in 1 week. i'm really looking forward for it. there's loads of things i wanna do. have been dreaming about it for a very long time. hehe. :) anyways, im having problems on uploading pictures to the computer. so, ill be uploading the pictures later. okay? :) i gotta go. gonna have dinner with my aunt and uncle. ciao.<3

I'm learning to fall.

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