Thursday, March 27, 2008

camwhoring with sandy's camera.

well, the day before yst sandy and rissara brought their camera for sej project. THEY GOT SLIP, OKAY? :) lalalaa~~ instead of taking pics of the skool, we took pics of ourselves. wtf. ==
anywayz, here are some of the pics we took using sandy's camera. for more pics, view sandy's blog. heehee. :DD
the ELEPHANTS bought by rissara. :D
peace. ==
the ding dongs.
emo gang. correction, it was taken by ISMAH.
wasnt ready. =X
now i am. :)
sexyback? BRENDA! :)
US during peejay. ps, im the shortest. :(
i like this pic most. :DDD
i look like a BODOH. =X
hugs! finally, there's brenda.
can u see the pimples on my face? sob.
BFF. <3>


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