Thursday, March 27, 2008

happy birthday, ASHQIN!

my pretty lil rockstar! heeheee. she rock my world soooo much!
although i've just got closer with her this year, but it seems like i've known her for YEARS!
we crap ALOT! anything will do. frm a to z. heehee.
today was really fun in school.
camwhored and crap alot. :)
ashqin, im still waiting for the pics tht u're suppose to send to me. =X
btw, i've actually realise i've been really MOODY nowadays, i dont know y. it just happen like tht. i really wish i could be the cheerful me again. haihh. im really sorry to those i've been shouted at, cursing and swearing and whatever. i really hope u would forgive me. :(
sigh. i guess tht's all for now. BYE.

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