Saturday, March 29, 2008

birthday girl. :DDDD

its 29th March. it means, im FOURTEEN alrdy. :DD
i feel so old now. sob.
anyways, lets all sing a song for ME!
happy bday to me,
happy bday to me,
happy bday to JOEY!
happy bday to ME! :DDDDD
hahaha. syok sendiri. ==
well, its also the annugerah cemerlang today.
had to wake up dam effing early. pfft.
saw my name? :DD syok sendiri again.
my beautiful chair. :D
after the annugerah cemerlang, me, ruth, sandy and rissara went next door. :D
met ONLY two teachers. :( which is pn chan and also pn che yam. we chat here and there. and then, we went off for mamak except for ruth. coz she had to go home early.
run away frm the lil monsters! :)

it reminds me of the old days we used to spend together. :(
i wish i would have a time machine now.
afta mamak, we walked to sandy's hse. heeheee. :)
sandy show me this birthday tht the GANG had been doing without telling me.:(
btw, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! its not with me now though, its in sandy's com. she said she will burn it for the whole GANG. weee. cant wait for it. sooo, i would like to thank sandy, rissara, ellisha, kelsey, meryl and lakshimi! KEEP ROKING! iloveallofyousoooomuch! :DDDD
after tht, as usual gossiped and camwhored. :)

here are the pics.

sandy babbbee.

our new hot STOP sign. :)
here we go.
and there we go.
LMAO. click on the pic to enlarge.
YING YING! and her newborn puppy! its soooo cute! :D
and again.
and again.
our cups. :D mana sandy punya? :(
nice eh? sandy's sis drew this. :D
aww. she love me. :D

went to white coffee street for yam cha. :D

went home abt 4pm. then, took a nap. went for dinner at the chilis in bangsar village. :DD

kiddy's meal.

and another kiddy's meal. :D

my dessert served by a HOTTIE! :D

well, my smarty mummy told the waiter tht today is my bday. so then, they sang a bday song for me and gave me FREE brownie. so yummmy! and guess what? the hottie served me the brownie and he was leading the whole people when they were singing. im sooo happyyyy! and now i miss him. sob. :( i wanna see himmm nowww. lalalalala~~

anyways, its 10mins till 12am. sob. my bday its gona end soooo soon. gotta wait for another year for the next one. but, REALLY enjoyed this year! thanks to everybody! especially my FAMILY! :DD tht's all for now. bye bye! :)

ps. ill post abt my presents next time. :D

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