Saturday, March 22, 2008

boys like girls. <3

LOL. im currenly addicted to BOYS LIKE GIRLS AGAIN! i went though their pics, their official website and videos! hahahahaha. i even listen their songs again and again. their songs and voice are so GOOD, they's soo freking cute especially MARTIN JOHNSON and looooads loads more. THEY JUST ROCK MY SOCK! :DD for more info, check out
hehe. im advertising ur webbie for u guys, so u betta repay by doin something extremeeely GOOD! heehee.
here are some pics i googled. :D
omfggg! martin johnson is soo freaking HOT. (:
iloveyou! iloveyou! iloveyou!

and, ashiqin brought her hp to school today, coz she had some competition. she came back half an hour before school finished. so then, we took a few pics and here they are. :)

the X. =/

weee. :D im a ding dong frm another planet.
tht's all for now. wanna sleep. there will be school for me tomorrow.
cheers! :D

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