Sunday, March 23, 2008

week of happiness?

heloooooo! :D
today is SUNDAY. ==
well, i heard minimitez won the 2nd place for cheer. SO CONGRATS TO ALL OF U! espcially to ELLISHA and SANDRA! heehee.
anyways, im so sorry i couldnt attend and give my support to you guys, but ill be cheering inside ur hearts. okay? :D
hmmm, looooads of birthdays are coming up soon.
starting frm 2morrow it would be the BIRTHDAY week.
7 birthdays in a row. weeee.
i hope it would turn out really good for the WHOLE week. :)
bought a present for sandy alrdy. now, im still finding stuff for ASHIQIN and PRIYA!
be patient, okay?
will get for one as soon as possible. heehe. :)
btw, ill be changing my song to happy birthday by click five for this week, so this song will be dedicated to those whose birthday is coming. lol.
well, tht's all for now. gotta do heaps of stuff like oral, prefects, tuiton, hw, projects and LOOOOADS more. pfft. im gonna die soon. bye bye. nites.

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