Thursday, March 20, 2008

public holiday. :D

to the muslims out there. :)
so, today is awal muharam, which means its a public holiday for all of US!
heehee. i didnt go anywhere today. juz stay at home, relaxing and finishing up my hw.
ystd, i got the paper for sej project alry, so hafta start doin it. sighhh. anywayz, projects are kina fun in the other way. :)
and then, there will be an oral test for me next week. i typed it out alrdy. its abt air pollutions. its effing long and i hafta memorise the whole thing! wtf la! sobb.
and annddd, ystd i got this invitation frm the school for the anugerah cemerlang which is goin to be held next sat. :D im so happy. this is my first time getting prizes for my studies. heeheee. :DD

tht's all for now. TATA! :D

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