Friday, February 29, 2008

a day in rissara's hse.

last week, afta kawad practise, i went to rissara's hse. first time there and my first impression of her hse was, OMG! its sooo BIG! its really true though. its effing BIG! i mean it, BIG! hmph! rich gal. :(

actually, we were suppose to study SEJARAH there, but end up we didnt even touch the book and we gossip, camwhored and videowhored. HAHA!
im SOOO gona fail my exams and its next week! imagine! ==
oh ya, did i mention tht rissara siblings are so CUTE! especially her sis! :DD
here are sum pics we took. :DD

poyo. :Demoing.
sandy's drawing when she was emoing. ==

its spells J-O-E-Y. :)
her pretty house.

i took this pic! :D
i find it PRETTY!
bye. :D

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