Friday, February 29, 2008

14th Feb.

as i said, i would post abt Valentine's on the next post. :D

well, as usual its on 14th of Feb. the day where love is around the air.
flowers, cards, chocolates and loooads more.
this year, i celebrated it diff compared to last year, coz i celebrated it as a single.
its kinna weird, but fun in the other way too.
coz, i cud spend sum time wif my frens. :)

hmm, i made sum tiny cards for my tiny frens. made for like abt 9 frens. each ones is diff and nice in the own wayy. =X chewwahh. syok sendiri. lol.
actually, i took a pic of all of them, but my dum com got sum stupid virus and had to reformatted it, so the pretty pics just gone like tht. wtfff. and, i deleted those pics frm my phone adii. lagi wtf. ==

anyways, here are sum stuff i receive during valentine. (: [i had to retake this pics.]
there goes Sandy Q.
and here, frm sumone whoever i wan the person to be? (i'm still curious abt it.)
i got a rose frm nicholas and a bouquet of flowers frm HIM. :) lol.
thts what happened on valentine's day. sorry it took me so long coz i was really busy and my computer had to be reformat. == bodooh one.

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