Saturday, March 1, 2008

sport's day.

yst was my sport's day. didnt participate anything for my dumb yellow hse, so thts y it got last this year. == wtff. anywayz, who cares la.

but, i macrhed for the PREFECTS! :DD and, we WON! i was sooo happy! all those sacrifices was really WORTH it. seriously. :D so now, i could sleep peacefully wif a smile on my face. :D
anywyaz, i actually did really bad in my marching though.

oh yaaa, one more thing, i really could not belief tht st.john win weyyyy! i didnt really expected tht! i tot its gona be the pengangkap or the pbsm. wthhh! the teachers are BLIND la. == pfftt. forget abt it.
ONE MORE THING! theres exam next week! im so scared weyyy. i hardly touch my book and its NEXT WEEK. well, ill do my best la. kk. tata. gotta study. ==

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