Wednesday, January 23, 2008


which means its a H.O.L.I.D.A.Y! :)
went to ou wif my darlinggsss.
woke up abt 10am. waitid for riss to come and then go to sandy hse.
waited for ellis and bren.
while waiting, i played wif her doggiess! wee!
ying ying & yang yang! :DD
afta tht, we went to ou. we spend thte like abt 5hours.
we ate at nyonya colours, then shopped for clothes, went to lala land and gossiped. tht's just us. =/
well, im so lazy to type. here are sum pics we camwhored.
voted as the GAYEST pic.
i miss her. :(
starbuck! shared wif sandy.
they looks so colourful and delicious!
the miserable missing shoe. LMAO.
tadaaa! :) there's more to come. the pics are all in sandy's hp. wonder when would she actually upload them. LOL.

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