Friday, February 1, 2008


OMG!WTF! i have not been blogging since 23rd!
thts so LOOOONG! sorry people! was REALLY bz! pfft.
thts form2 life la. haih. what to do. O.o
btw, i might talking stuff abt last week too. LOL.
well, today its the CITY day, so there's haoliday for me! hoorayy.
relaxing time! haha. im too lame.
this is what i did the whole day!
woke up really late. abt 11am. coz ive been having sleepless nights
sigh. then, ate my brunch and listen to music while doin hw the WHOLE afternoon. and there's still loads.
afta tht, had dinner at mamak and go to tuition! weee.
tuition was GREAT! i mean it, REALLY GREAT. this is my first time saying it with my FULL heart. haha! im being lame. AGAIN!
here are sum pics i took when i was on the way to tuion. =X got nth else betta to do.
afta tuition, this was what i did. online and blogging. :)
btw, i ate ALOT of junkfood today, so i think ill gain loads of weight. especially on CNY. wtf.
i betta take care of my diet weyy. sighh.
anywayz, ystd in skool, there was sum charity thing. and i donated rm1. haha. i noe it aint alot. at least i donated ma. =X in return, i got this thing. haha!
i feel so GOOD afta donating. (: talking abt good things, this was what happend last week. well, i went for olahraga in my school. afta olahraga, me, sandy, ris and shashfiny walked to sandy'shse. and guess wat? we found a purse on the floor. we actually wanted to giv to the guard nearby. but we think he wouldnt giv the owner back, so we decided to go to the owner's hse and giv it bak becoz her IC was there. haha. and at the end we found the owner and gav her bak! weee! although we didnt get anything in return, but i felt SOOOO good! :DD i noe, im lame. HAHA!
ohh yaaa! last sat, it was merentas desa. well, this year i didnt win. its becoz i didnt had enough sleep and i felt like i was goin to faint, so i walked. == stupid me! haihhh. anywayz, at least i had fun :)one more thing! the teachers said there will be an exam on march! pfft. hafta start studying adii. and, i was forced to join sum choral speaking coz i was chosen. HAHA! how nice was tht, but im not really intrested though. oh well, i hope ill hav fun coz the script is GOOD. lol. there would be practise on tues. 12.30pm. sigh.
well, i gtg. i betta stop CRAPING abt myself. haha! fuuh. i wrote ALOT weyy! lol.
hmm, since its CITY day, ill end this post wif a pic of KL! :)
tadaa! it looks much more betta if u see wif ur naked eyes. LOL.
okayy, tata! HEARTS!

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