Monday, January 21, 2008


well, on sunday, i didnt go anywhere. juz stay home and relax again. was too lazy to go for shopping. and guess wat i actually did the WHOLE day? lol. i watch heroes frm 11am till 12am! how cool was tht? 13hours sitting down, butt stucking on the chair, watching heroes frm episode 6 till 23! weee! im crazy and i agree on tht. lol. the show was really GREAT! exciting, scary and cuntet! lol. i really cant wait for season2! lol. its coming on tues! weee! :DD and one more thing, i LOVE peter petrelli! he's so goood looking and i LOVE his power! its so cool! haha. im so lame. anywayz, i gotta go. sorry! hafta get ready for school. wonder wat dramas would actually happen today. tata! :)


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