Sunday, January 20, 2008


OMG! i've not been updating my blog for like a week! sigh.
im suuuper bz right now. especially during the weekdays. pfft. skool, tution, hws, and it happens again and again. i had skool today. and im really tired. this week was my worst week of my life. problems coming after each other. wtf la. i really hate it!! arghh. well, i juz realised tht one of my close frens kina like "betrayed" me. wateva probs i hav, i would share wif her and she wouldnt even giv a dam on it but ignore them. and if i asked her for advises, she would keep say idk and all this kina thing! recently, i told her abt sum probs, and she made it even worst! instead, she's flirting wif him. i mean, WHAT THE FUCK LA! get a life la! got nth much betta to do issit! messing up wif ppl's life. hate me, then GO AWAY LA! sighh. i really hope tht her bf found out abt this and dumped her or sumthing. (sorry for cursing, but i cant take it anymore!) and guess wat is the stupidest thing i did? she also recently had a prob, and she told me abt it. and guess wat i did? i helped her. wtf wtf wtf! idk what the hell is wrong wif me la. == argghh. forget abt it la. im juz to frustrated. anywayz, i've been receiving LOADS of hws each and everyday. there would be at least 2 or 3 hw a day! == well, tht's all for now. ive been emoing too much. wanna go and sleep. ciao!

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