Thursday, December 13, 2007

happy belated bday, MUMMY! :DD

well, i actually had problems posting a new post. sorry!
i wanna wish my mom,
(10 dec)
thanks loooads for EVERYTHING!i love u mommy!! muuacks! :DD
well, my family actually celebrated on 9th dec. we ate buffet at sunway hotel.
it was supper niiice! yuummy!
loads of kina food! like, malay-style, indian, chinese, western and loads loaasa MORE! yuum!

some dessert. :D

christmas tree in sunway hotel. beautiful rite? lol.

then on the actual date, my dad bought secret recipe cake. it was yummy! haha.
didnt took a pic of it, coz my hp was out of battery. sighhh.

ive recently read ellis blog. sobbb! she's a DJian now. im so gona misss u, MRS.BEAN!! really really muuuch! sooob! i will nvr forget uuu! and make sure we keeo in touch, kayyh? one more thing, im also really looking forward to go to ur new hse! :) lalalala~~

ohh ya, i really wanna noe who is tht chibaii!! i dun actually giv a dam abt wat u said. but i juz wanna noe who the HELL are uuu!! so, ADMIT it , okaaayyy?!

i guess tht's all for now. im really lazy now. haha. sorry. bye bye DARLINGS.

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