Saturday, December 15, 2007


erm, today it was at first kina boring but then, it turned out to be an okayy day. lol.
well, i had to woke up early this morn coz we were goin to OU!! :DD at first, my mum fetch my sis to her fren's hse. it was sumwhere in wangsa permai. there was this big pipe near there broke down. the water was splashing like CRAZY! pfft. and the road was closed, so it caused jam EVERYWHERE. fuuh. then, my mum decided to tried sum new way to my aunt hse which is in sri hatamas. at the end, we didnt manage to find any. and we had to turn back to the old wayy. we actually spend 3hours doin NOTHING! it was freaking boring and me and my other sis were singing like crazy. HAHA! nth else betta to do. :) ohh ya, i was kina addicted to tattoo by jordin sparks. haha! [:

we reached my aunt hse abt 11am and then we went to OU!! FINALLY! hoorayy! :DD
i kinna like spend looads of my mum's money today. sorry mummy! and thanks TOO! i bought erm, a pair of flip flop frm extreme, a pants frm bg and a shirt frm tropicana life. it was kinna cheap though. LOL.

dont they look so pretty? :D

it was on 50% discount! :DD
afta shopping on my stuff, we went for lunch at sushi groove, i didnt really eat much coz i was too HAPPY! haha! then, we went to giant to buy groceries! haha! and there was this guy advertising the happy prepaid thing. lol. i might be changing to tht. still deciding. :DD

i took this pic coz i think its kina cute! haha. so happy ppl, u shud thank me for advertising for ur thing! HAHA!
afta those shopping, we went home. lol. and then, we rest till abt 7pm and we went for dinner sumwhere around kepong. we ate bak kut tehhh!haha. :DD and now, here i am, blogging while listening to tattoo! hahah!
okayy, i guess i gtg, hafta do my tuition hw. pfft. i noe, its boring. but, wat to do. haihhh! kla, bye bye! :]

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