Wednesday, December 5, 2007

tuition. ==


well, i've not been blogging for quite sometime.
sorry. coz i brought my com to the HOSPITAL to reformat it.

it was REALLY bored without it.
but luckily my mum brought back her laptop! pheew.

so, i watched HEROES using youtube. haha.
(i noe i noe. im outdated. but i was too lazy to watch.)

i went to keith's bday party for dinner. he's already 1yrs old! :D

he's so CUTE! hehe. well, i ate sushi, chicken wing and some fries which is made by my aunt.

it tasted so deleicious! yuuum.


camwhore camwhore camwhore.

i look like a FREAK!


the day i got bak my DARLING COMPUTER! hehe.

and also, the first day of tuition. pfft.

bored. but at least i get to see sum of my frens and also HIM!

hehe. buttt, there's new student! noooo! it kina suck though.

its like so diff frm last time. haihhh. oh well, its okay.

at least nobody QUIT. heeeeheee!


install all those programs which i cant live without them on the com.

one more thhhiiing!! me and my sis made a bday card for my MUM!teehee!

TADAAA! pretty? :]

kla, this is what particularly happen during these few day.

it's boring. i noooe. dun need to tell me. HAHA. kk, BYE DARLINGGS! :DD

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