Tuesday, December 18, 2007

kumon. HAHA. :]

hello!! :D its MONDAY! yayy! ==

erm, today my mum came bak early frm work. the reason was becoz she had to send me to kumon in the afternoon. silly rite? lol. actually, today was my last day of kumon for this year! woohooo! but, there's loaaads of hw to do. they giv the hw frm 2morrow till 2nd of jan! fuuuuh! boleh mati. :[ anywayz, b4 goin to kumon, my mum decided to go to school to buy school books. she planned to go at 2pm. and guess wat? when we reached there. the bookshop was closed. so my mum ask the security guard wat time the bookshop open. and he said. 9am till 2pm! LMAO! in the end, we didnt get to buy the books and my mum send me and my sis to kumon.

bye bye bag! wont be using u till next year. will miss ya! :D

and then, abt 7.30pm i had to go another tuition for maths and bm! sighhh. wat a tiring dayy! the tuition was frm 8pm till 10pm. ==

ohh yea. i had been listening to bubbly by colbie callait 3times today! pfft. at first, it was in the car where my youngest sis on the cd. she was actually addicted to tht song. lol. and then on mtv, and hitz.fm. kina sick of tht song, but its okay la. lol.

ytd, i've juz finish reading this book called nobody's perfect.
at first, the stories in there was kina boring, but afta for quite sum time, i find it kina okayy. HAHA! now, im reading another book. called queen of babble by meg cabot. teeehheee! nth else beta to do. hehe.
sighhh! skool is starting soon. kina hate and love it at the same time. haihhh. oh well, for this 2 weeks, ill spend it to the fullest! hehe. and, my relatives are coming on thursday!! yayyy! lol. i might not be blogging for quite sum time. but ill try my best la. hehe. kk. its getting late. wanna sleep adi. bye bye! nites! (:

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