Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Auntie! :D

well, today is my aunt's birthday! weeee.
happy birthday auntiieee! muackss! love ya.
celebrated her birthday today. had loaadds and loaaads of FUN!
teeeheee! im CRAZY! :D
TADAAA! morning sunshinee! x]

well, i ate oreo for my breakfast. haha! yummy!

wan some? lol

afta breakfast, as usual i disturb my sis. lol. tht's my HOBBY!
had nth else betta to do. then i read my story book which i bought few days ago. lol.
and for lunch, i atee prawnn meee! it taste so yuuuummy! hehe.

then, about 4sumting, my aunt pick me and my sis to curve! lol.
there were loads of christmas decoration. and i manage to take one.

there u go! its isnt a gud pic though.

and we walk around, here and there. lol.
afta tht, we stop by at new zealand ice cream! coz there were a 30% off.
resonable enough. so ppl, drop by tht shop every 30th of the month. lol. :D
i ate chocolate estacy. it tasts so guud! lol

and then, my aunt ordered a smoothie.

it taste delicious too! hehe. shared wif my sis. lol. but unfortunately, there wasnt any 30% off on smoothies. ohh well, nvm. lol.

had loads of fun there.
afta tht, we go home and celebrate like CRAZY. talk loads of crap. haha.
it's a really FUN day! hehe. :]
i guess tht's all for today. bye FREAKS! lol.

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