Sunday, August 26, 2007

MY holidays.

its SUNDAY! aww. its the end of the holidays. kinna sad. coz there's no more time to RELAX! but is yay too! coz finally get to see HIM again! :) so, these is wat i did during the ONE WEEK holidays.

saturday- went to leo's installation.
sunday- stay home and help mum to make PAU! turn out to be very bad. teehee!
monday- stay at home and went to tuiton.
tuesday- the SAME thing. ==
wednesday- stay at home teach my sis. LAME!
thursday- went bak to hometown.
friday- still at hometown. trimmed my hair.

tadaa! :)
saturday- hometown. played wif my lil baby cousin. he's so cute!

ahh!!cousin!!so cute!miss him.

sunday- came bak and now, this wat im doin. haha!

and the conclusion is ... deng deng deng! my holidays are BORING! haha.

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