Sunday, August 12, 2007

leo's installation. [18 August 2007]

its leo's installation.
had to wear MAROON! ewwww.
had to wake up at FIVE!==
mom fetch shahrul and yew joe
reached skool at six!
and guess who i saw?
yuen zhi, brenda and darlyn.
i was like. y so lil ppl?!!
and arong 6.30, more ppl came.
bus reached at seven.
sat wif him. very FUN!
reached tht dum skool at 9.
meet old frens and new frens! :)
afta tht, listen to old ppl talking. BORING!
and then had to go up the stage.
was really nervous. ==
then, watch the performance.
afta tht, makan.
the food kina suck.
then, went bak to skool
reached home around 1.

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