Saturday, September 1, 2007


oooo. its MERDEKA! lol.
hmmm, woke up around 9am.
went to mid valley wif my mum, aunt and sis!
didnt really bought anything.
juz bought sum stuff for my studies. *yawn!*
owh well, i had my lunch at....

deng deng deng!..haagen-dazs. the HEAVEN! :)

we ate fondue! its SUPER niceee.

but i guess ill be getting pimples soon. coz ate too much chocolote. =X

yummmm!cookie!! hehe.
the fondue cost rm60!!!wow! expensive!!oh well, its once in a life time. haha.
afta tht lunch. we were bloated!
but we still continue shopping.
didnt buy anything.
reached home around 3pm.
and then my mum cook claypot chicken rice!
hehe. but i didnt really eat.
coz afta tht lunch, i was still kina full.
i ate abit oni.
but it was YUMMY! hehe.
afta dinner, me and my family sit in the living room watch tv lu.
tht's all for today. :)

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