Sunday, August 12, 2007


its SATURDAY! it means shopping time!!$$$
hmm, went to mid valley around 10.00am.
planned to find a skirt for the leo's installation.
but failed.

oh well, at least i bought a shirt frm chic avenue.

haha. got a nike bag too! coz got discount. :D

afta tht, went for lunch.
and continue shopping.
then, stopped at baskin robins for ICE-CREAM! weeee.
i ate gold medal ribbon. so yummy! haha.
then went home around 3.
and i start doin my dum dum seni project.==
i did a lil bit oni.
hopefully can finish it tomorrow, although its impossible.
owh well, ill juz try my best la.
haha. k.
thts all for TODAY!=]

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