Monday, December 28, 2009

A BIG Hug To Everyone!

As all of you know, PMR results were out on the 24th of December. Yes yes, it was on the Christmas Eve. Blame the Ministry of Education. == Anyways, just so you know, I've got what I've wish/dream/want for all this years and here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have helped and been there for me through all these years.

First of all,
MY PARENTS: For all their moral and financial support. For giving me all the wise advises. For giving me all the motivations to go on with life. For listening to all my craps. For being the BEST parents who rocks socks! :D
MY LITTLE SISTERS, JAMIE & JOANNE: For listening to my crap and my emo shits. For making me go hyper. For relieving all my stress. They never ever fail to cheer me up!

AHBOK & UNCLE LEE KOON: For giving me all the wise advises. For all the positive words. For bringing me out for supper at McD whenever I'm "stress/tension." For listening to my crap and bullshitting with me.

MY OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: For being the BEST family members who never fail to make me :).

MY BOOBOO HAMSTER: For being there for me every night before I sleep.

MISS TANG: For being the best class teacher and Maths teacher.

MR KU ZAILAN: For being my Science teacher.

PUAN ISYA: For being my Geography teacher.

MISS THEAN: For being my English teacher.

PUAN ROSIDAH: For being my BM teacher.

PUAN SHARIPAH: For being my KH teacher.

MR SULAIMAN: For being my History teacher.

MADAM SARATHA: For being my English tuition teacher.

MR ADNAN: For being my BM tuition teacher.

MR GANESH: For being my Geography tuition teacher.

CIKGU AZIZI: For being my History tuition teacher.

PRIYA, BRENDA HOW & RISSARA KHONGSUWAN: For being the BEST BEST BEST friends. For going through ups and downs with me. For going to tuition with me. For listening to everything!

ASHIQIN: For being my crazy Maths partner.

RUTH TEO: For being my crazy partner.

SANDY QUAH: For being my BM partner. For staying back with me for Mr Adnan's classes. For listening to my emo shits.

NAVEENA: For being my Science & tution partner.

SARESH: For phone-studying with me. For being my tuition mate.

NG GUAN SHEN: For being the monitor who never fails to crack me up.

ONG CAY VIN: For being my tuition mate since I was Form 1. For attending extra classes with me. For sharing all KB's test/exam papers. For discussing things with me.

YEO TEONG LIANG: For being my study partner since primary. For being my tuition mate. For being my seminar partner for about 3 days. For sharing with me all the test/exam papers tips.

SHAHRUL: For giving me his books. For being the one who "wake" me up with all his annoying craps almost every morning. For helping me with my studies. For going through ups and downs with me. For being my everything!

GAN HUI SHIN: For being the BEST neighbour. For giving and borrowing me her books. For walking me into school every morning. For sharing her experiences with me.

WENDY CHONG: For giving me motivations. For being there for me. For staying back with me on most of the Fridays.

MICHELLE KHOR: For all the books and papers. For staying back with me whenever I need help. For the tutor. For being my crappy & emo partner. For all her motivations and support.

and the list goes on and on..

once again,

PS, I'm so sorry if I've missed out any of your names.

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Muhd Naim said...

congratz for your result. :)