Thursday, November 5, 2009

Togetherness, That's All I'm After.

Okay, there's so much things for me to blog right now. But I guess, as for today, I'll be blogging a little about Michael Jackson and The All-American Rejects concert. :D So, these things happened last Saturday. I honestly had a great day! Thanks to those who make my day.

Woke up early in the morning with this semangat to watch Michael Jackson: This Is It documentary with my mummy and little sisters. I have to say, that if you're a Michael Jackson fan, go grab a ticket right now and watch it. It's a definite MUST-WATCH show! I, who wasn't really a BIG fan of him is currently inspired with him right now. IF and only IF he's still alive and he'll be performing in Malaysia. I'll be the first one in the line to buy his tickets. The concert is just so terrific lah! From Michael Jackson to the guitarist especially Orianthi Panagaris to the dancers to the stage to the lighting to the EVERYTHING. It's just absolutely awesome. In fact, it made me sing out loud to his song and I even felt like dancing when I was watching it. Too bad, it's a cinema, so I gotta behave. If not, I think I'll go crazy. :P Actually it's just such a waste for him to go like that lah, but I guess things happen for a reason and everybody will always remember him as the King of Pop in their heart. :)
The woman I adore most!

Okay, so I got back around 3.00pm and quickly get myself ready for the concert. Went over to Naveena's place and then to Stadium Bukit Jalil. Yes, we were so called early, but I guess the others were much more earlier. The line was soooo long, but we managed to cut through la. :P Honestly, it's so unorganized. MTV World's Stage was so much better. Anyways, we only get inside there at about 7.00pm and then the local bands started to play their songs. Disagree did pretty well though. Then, as usual, like every concerts, we waited for a long time for AAR. It was fun jumping around, screaming at the top of my lungs and singing out loud like some ding dong though I could hardly see the stage due to my height and the tall people in front of me. == And anddd, they played most of my favourite songs! <3 Reached home at 12.00am with the messy hair and smelly body. :P I didn't take any pictures with my camera/handphone. =X But, they're a few pictures from Naveena's camera lah. Here you go.

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