Sunday, October 25, 2009

Your Smile Made The World Light Up.

Oh hello everybody. Sorry for missing in action these few days. Have been pretty tired and busy with outings. 3 days straight. :O So today I'll be practically updating a little of my outing and upload a little pictures. Hope you enjoy them? :D

23 October 2009
Had a trip to a mee factory during school hours. It was fun walking with my classmates. Got free lunch and mee! But but, my yee mee died at the end of the day. I was practically whining about it after school. Sorry to those who have to hear me whining and complaining about my dead yee mee.
The dead mee. :(

At night, I attended Bryan Teh's after PMR party at his house and his daddy's restaurant. Had dinner over there. The food was yummy! Thanks a lot, Bryan Teh! :D Did a lot of chit chatting, played poker and cam whored. Met a few old and new friends as well! Got home about 1.00 am, which is after my curfew. :O Luckily, mummy didn't mind. (:


The gay face. :O

24 October 2009
Woke up early in the morning. Went to Sunway Pyramid with my mummy and little sisters. Walked for hours. Ended up getting myself a pair of jeans. Oh oh, lunch was awesome. Ate at Manhattan Fish Market. :D And, dinner was sort of awesome too. Why? Cause I cooked spaghetti for my family. Turned out to be okay for a first timer. :P HEE!

Too jobless. =X

25 October 2009
Went to Tropicana City Mall with the Leo Club members. There was a International Peace Poster Contest. We were all supposed to helped out, but ended up doing nothing much because not many people showed up. Estimated 60 over people, but turned out to be only 11 of them. Shocking huh? Anyways, I had fun la. :D Sandy, Guan Shen, Shan Hoe and I ended up drawing as well. Then, we walked around the mall till 3.00pm. Sandy came over my house and we chit chatted till 6.00pm.


kenwooi said...

nice pictures =)

Joey said...

Oh really? Thanks you so much! :)