Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'll Keep Tossing Rocks At Your Window.

Another day, another trip. This time, it's back to KLCC! woooh! Went to the KLCC bridge and Petrosains today. It was gooood. Especially when we were in the bridge. I enjoyed there the most though it was just a short while. It was my first time there too. Honestly, the scene was absolutely breathtaking, despite the air pollution. It was also cold up there as well. After bridge walking, we went back down with the funny air pressure again and headed to Petrosains. It was okay there la. I like the black round boat thingy, especially when it comes to the glowing in the dark part. HEEE! Too bad, no pictures were taken there cause cameras were not allowed at that part. :( Oh ohh, I sat on a so called helicopter too! HAHA! :P Actually, Petrosains was pretty rushing la cause we didn't had enough time to actually observe and play with ALL the stuff there, so my advice to those who wants to go in future, it's better for you have to spend the whole day there in order to enjoy every single bit of it. LOL. I guess that's all la for today. I'm a little lazy to blog tonight, so I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking. I hope you enjoy and sorry for the bad photographs. My camera is getting worse day by day. Hopefully can get a new one ASAP! Nights! :D

See what I mean. :)

Hmmm, this look so familiar, right? :P
Susu and Jun Yip!

I'm liking this thing. LOL.

Our waiting room. :P


Kennee said...

Wah so fun one ah ur skool.. ^^ Btw, nanged ya on innit and also ad-clicked ya... ^^

Joey said...

HAHA! Yup yup! Cause after PMR already! :D Btw, how do you ad click someone? I'm still a little blur with this thing. =X