Saturday, July 18, 2009

You Crashed And You're On Your Own Tonight.

Just got back from Merentas Desa. This year, its been pretty different to me because I didn't take part in it. Instead, I helped the Red Crescent. I was on duty at the last stop with a few Cadet Police, Guan Shen and Rissara. To be honest, it turn out pretty great. Did some talking and ALOT of cheering with them. I guess we were practically the most noisy one. Well, have to be BERSEMANGAT whattt! :P Andddd, as a token of appreciation, we got free sausage bread! Yummmy! :D Actually, not really a token of appreciation la cause I think everybody got it for free too. =X

The after Merentas Desa look. ==

Soooo, yesterday I decided to go for Manchester United training in Stadium Bukit Jalil with Priya and Brenda, instead of attending tuition. Yes yes, I know. What a lazy girl am I. Well, at least I made the right choice. ;) It was suuuuper fun being in one of the big crowd, screaming here and there out loud for no valid reason. :P It was a new and great experience. Anndddd, it's good to see how Stadium Bukit Jalil look after for a loooong time. If I'm not mistaken, the last time I went there is when I was about 6 years old. The training was sort of short, so that part was a little depressing lah. But, overall it was greatttt! The atmosphere was totally different from watching through the television. It felt much more alive! HAHA. I'm starting my crap againnn. =X Back to the topic.

After the training, we sort of became a wannabe die hard MU fan (maybe not for Priya lah since she is a MU fan. :P). We stand and waited anxiously at the side of the road where the players will be passing in the bus. Everyone was so excited that even when the police came out on their bike, they were like *wooooooooooo!*. LOL. Then, when the bus came out, everyone was *woooooo!* and *ahhhhhhh!* again, but this time it was 2 times louder! HAHA! After being a wannabe MU fan, we had a little trouble finding the car. When we found it, we went for a dinner at McD. Reached home about 9pm cause it was pretty jam.

Okay, enough of typing. Now is picture time! :DD

Stadium Bukit Jalil.The threesome. :)"Since when I smile like that? LOL."The awesome wave.Syok sendiri. :DSee how short am I? :(I love this picture most. :)
Finally, a picture with her.
That's all for today. Thanks for your time. Goodbye! :D

PS. No thanks, Brenda and Priya for the day. HAHA!

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