Saturday, July 25, 2009

If You Wanna Be My Only One, You Should Have Tried Harder.

This week had been practically a looong and busy week for me. I have started my revisions for my trials. I am working really hard for this one since it determines what class you go in to next year. Wish me luck, okay?

Okayy, let's talk about what I have done today. Well, I went for marching practise this morning. It was okay lah, but I was a little sleepy. Maybe due to the lack of sleep yesterday night. =X Then, mummy picked me up and we decided to drop by at Tropicana City Mall to have our mother-daughter time. It was our first time there. It seems pretty empty. Not much shops are opened yet, but there's super lots of restaurants. Malaysian, Korean, Japanese, Western, Taiwanese and many more. You name it, you got it. (Hyperbola) :P Then, we walked in to practically every shop since there isn't many shops there. Mummy bought me a shirt. Thanks a lot, Mummy! HEEE.

Oh ohhh, and I had this conversation with my mum about where I would like to travel and all. At the same time, I was actually revising my Geography lah. LOL. Killing two birds with one stone. ;) Thennnn, we got into this part where I found out that my grandfather (mum's side) owns a palm oil, rubber tree and cocoa estates in Yong Peng. As for my other grandfather (dad's side), he owns a palm oil and cocoa estates as well. o.O Surprising, but cool eh? :P But it's unfortunately that they can't supply me with free chocolates since Malaysia doesn't have the type of milk needed to produce chocolates. :( If only there is, then I'll be living with chocolates and finally grow into a fatty bom bom. :D In conclusion, I had a great mother-daughter time today. x)

Well, it's time for me to go. Gonna take a nap and study later. Hopefully I wouldn't fall asleep while I'm studying lah. =X Take care, everybody. Loves.

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