Thursday, May 28, 2009

With Every Word You Say, You Take My Breath Away.

Hello everybody! Here I am again with my ding dong stories, like always. :P
Remember those days I had some issues with my time management and stuff? If you guys actually follow my blog, you would understand what I'll be talking. Sooo, my Kumon problem is finally solved. My mum called up my teacher and she suggested me to finish my level first, then only I'll take a break. Today it was first day going back to Kumon after a month due to exams. Everything still seem normal. It's just that I need to work extra extra hard to finish my level in a month. And, June would be a really busy month for me cause my free days would be filled with Kumon. The only day I'm tuitionless would be Saturday and that also I'll take the opportunity to get extra extra rest. Luckily, there will be 2 weeks holidays, if not I'll be fuhh. I don't even know what to say. LOL.

Anyways, today we got back a few our results. Some was surprising, some was depressing. Oh well, at least I tried my best lah. Hopefully this time can get straight A's. :( *cross fingers* Okay okay, I think I should enjoy my holidays puas puas first cause after that holidays, it's gonna be a hectic time till PMR is over. Gahhhh. Enough of my Kumon-ness and stress-ness. I seriously need to loose up a little.

Oh oh oh, my school would be celebrating Teacher's Day. I know it's like super belated, but whatever lah. The best thing is we don't nee to study. HOOOORAYYY! :DDD It's gonna be talking talking and performances the whole day. Okay lah, I'm sleepy already. Good night.

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