Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Know I'm Not The Best For You.

Why? There's many reasons to it. And I got emo-er after reading emo posts and listening to emo songs. Plus, Valentine's Day is coming. Damnit. =X My life is so shitty lahhh. I know, it's bad to complain, but I seriously can't help it. I just feel like letting everything out cause the more I keep, the more painful and who knows sooner or later I'll burst like a balloon into pieces. (Hypothesis. ;]) Anyways, I better get back to my work. Was actually halfway searching some stuff for English, so goodbye and I shall continue emoing. Anyways, I felt much better. So, to you people out there who read this, I appreciate it very much. Thank you. :)

" But if you wanna leave, you can. I’ll remember you though, just like I remember everyone that leaves."

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