Monday, December 8, 2008

You're My Everything. (Shermaine's Tag)

Do you mind, if your opposite gender partner:

Go clubbing: Not really.

Smoke: Yes, alot.

Is an alcoholic: Yes.

Do drugs: OF COURSE!

Did sex before: It doesn't really matter.

Watch porn: Nope, all guys does. If not there might be something wrong with him.

Steal something you like for you: HAHAHA.

Skipped work/ classes just to meet you: Once in awhile. ;)

Forget about anniversary: I'LL KILL HIM! =X

Use all his savings to plan a surprise for anniversary: I DONT MIND AT ALL! :DD

Bought a very ugly clothing for present: Present doesn't really matter to me, the love he give is already more than enough. :)

If your opposite gender lied about the following situation, what action will you take?

It is middle of the night, he/ she told you that he/ she is going to bed, but instead he went out with friends:
Make him confess about it.

Your opposite gender told you that he/ she is going out with a friend that you know, but you saw him/ her in the mall with his ex- boyfriend/ girlfriend:
It depends, if he's doing it as a FRIEND, then I wouldn't really mind. If the feeling is still there, I guess it's over. =X

Describe your ideal opposite gender:
ahhh, it's gonna be a loooong list. HE needs to be romantic, a good listener, loyal, ain't a bastard, not a flirt (although he is, he can only flirt with ME! :P), sweet, doesn't act or pretend, loves me the way I am and the list still goes on and on.

I tag:
1. Priya
2. Brenda
3. Nabilah
4. Naveena
5. Kelsey

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