Monday, December 8, 2008

I Want A Doodoo Doll.

Did some bonding with Rissara at 1u today. Was sort of a last minute plan. She really wanted to go out, so I teman her. It was fun. No camwhoring which means no pictures. Actually, we wanted to but failed. HAHA. You don't want to know why. :P First, we had our breakfast. Well, not exactly OURS, it was just me cause Rissara claims that she doesn't eat before going into the cinema. That's something new I found out about her. LOL. Then, we walked around and did some present hunting. Unfortunately, didn't managed to get something YET. So, it was 12.30pm and we headed to the cinema. We actually wanted to watch Twilight again, but ended up watching Wild Child. The movie was okay. It wasn't like damn super good lah. And and, I fall for Alex Pettyfer when I was watching the movie. The story line was kinda of predictable. I actually predicted what was gonna happened and BOO, it happened. LOL. Maybe I can actually produce my own TV show called That's So Joey. =X Okay okay, I better cut the crap.

Didn't know they dated in reality as well.ahhhh. *drooooooools.*

After the movie, we had lunch at Secret Recipe. I don't know why, but nowadays I'm really fond of cakes. I'm so gonna be fat already. :( Then, we continued our present hunting and finally, we decided what to buy. Did loads of talking while eating and walking. That's about it for today.

Soooo, in case you have been wondering what's with the accomplished mission which I said in my previous post, don't worry, I'll be blogging about it today. Like it or not, I'm still gonna do it, so if you're not interested you may click on the red button at the top corner of your right hand side. :)

Here I go, yesterday was the day me and my family celebrated my mum's birthday. Actually, it was an early celebration. This year, we did something out of the box. Something different and interesting. Me, my sisters, dad, uncle and aunty did some planning for her birthday. So, the plan was actually to bring her for a dinner where she had always wanted to, buy her a cheese cake (cause she loves it really much) and presents which she had been wanting without her knowing cause all this while she's the one who plan for everybody's birthday and sometimes even her own. Yeahh, I know. It's kinda of sad, so that's why we planned this. All of us had to act and pretend like nobody business.

First, she does not know my aunt and uncle was coming, then she does not know where we were having our dinner, she does not know that we will be celebrating it on that day and she does not know we bought cake and presents as well. So, altogether it's like about 4 surprises on a day? LOL. And surprisingly it was a very successful one. Everything we planned and expected came to reality. She was really surprised, happy and delighted. As her daughter, I was really really happy for her and proud of what I have succeed. :DDD I even record a video of her when she was opening her presents. She was laughing and screaming like crazy. My aunt said, after 45 years of living, this is the first time she get to kenakan my mum balik cause my mum is always the one who kenakan her. Finally, she's able to take her revenge. LOL. Therefore, I called it a mission accomplished. ;) (Damn, it sounds like I'm writing some kind of essay. LOL.)

Blueberry Cheesecake. :)
And and, did I mention that the weather is so nice today? It's so cooling that I can actually not use the fan. :D Anyways, it's my maid birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAK! Thank you for everything. :)

PS. I want a doodoo doll. :(

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