Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reach Out For The Stars.


Honestly, I've got nothing much to blog about. My mind is like *poof* blank. I'm just blogging here just for the sake of blogging. Basically this post will be just full with craps. HAHA. Sooo, you can actually not waste your time by not reading this. ;)

Just so you know, I've finish watching Bones Season 3. It's really NICE! weeee. Each season by each season, it keeps getting better. I really like David Boreanaz in that show. He's so funny and cute. He wears colourful polka dots and stripes socks. Imagine that, an FBI agent wearing those kinda of socks. LOL. And the chemistry between him and Emily Deschanel is superb though they aren't together. Heeeee. The ending of season 3 was pretty emo. =/ You can give it a try though. I mean if you're not scared of blood and crimes and stuff la. LOL. I can't wait for season 4. :DDD

I like this picture. :)
Hot right? :D
Another hot one. :D

Anyways, my mum's colleague came back from London already, which means Gossip Girl & Heroes here I comeeeeee. I've actually missed a few episodes already, so I guess I'm kind of outdated and left out right now. She told my mum that she's giving them tomorrow. Can't wait! Lalalalalala.

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