Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don't Sell Your Heart.

Hello people! :)
I've just finished watching two movies. And yes, they're old movies. Watched Wall-E and She's The Man with my little sisters. Heeheee. Wall-E was sort of boring for like the one whole hour. And after the next 30 minutes it was just slightly better. I just like the part where Wall-E and Eva/Eve together. They look so cute. I wanna cubit them lah, though they hardly have any flesh on their face/body. LOL. Other then that, nothing really excites me. So, it isn't a recommended movie. And you know, there's one part where Wall-E died, I kinda got emotional over it. I know, it's stupid, but it happened.

Damn comel. :DDDD

After that, it was still early, so me and my little sisters decided to watch She's The Man. It was hilarious. Kept laughing like nobody business. My sisters were like staring at me weirdly. Oh, Channing Tatum is acting in it! OHMIGOSH! *droooooooooooools* He banyak banyak hot lahhh especially when he was playing football in the movie. So irresistible. He's so funny when he's nervous around Olivia (Lauren Ramsey). Joanne was trying to steal him away from meeeeeeee. *tsk tsk* Btw, I find Lauren Ramsey hot too. And I didn't know the story was originally written by William Shakespeare. I mean, according to what I had googled.

8/10 ahhhhhhh. *faints*
Hot right?

PS. I'm currently freaking addicted with Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings.

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