Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Its Finally Over.


I'm finally back!
Exams are over! woooohooo. HOOORAYYY! :)

I'm freaking happy and excited. I feel so stress-free and everything, but still I'm sort of worried about my marks. Gahhhhh. Nevermind nevermind. Who cares, right? As long it's over, it's over. Bla bla bla. Skip those boring part.

SOOOOO, I got soaking wet after school today by my very good friend, Saresh. It was some part of his revenge cause I shouted at his ear REAL loud the other day. =/ It was my fault, but STILL. LOL. Anyways, there's so much stuff I wanna doooo. Watch tv, blog about Kuantan, read storybooks, sleep, eat, shit and loads more. Lalalalalalala~~~ I realised that I gotta update myself in certain stuff. Have been left out probably about a month?

Finally, he bend down. =X

By the way, I was just texting Suraj and I found out that he would be only coming back on Tuesday night from Australia which means today was actually the last day to see him till next year. Luckily, I hugged him and wished him goodbye already cause I sort of predict this would happen. =/ Gahhh. I'm so gonna miss my ajibujibooo partner. :( Anyways, take care and have a save journey. Well, that's just it. Wanna go tidur puas-puas hati. Will blog maybe tomorrow. BYE BYE!

P.S. Good luck to all the SPM-ERS. :P

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