Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back To Basics

Holidays are over. :( ..which means school will be starting at 1.10pm and finish at 6.45pm again. Gahhh. I miss school ending early cause I can take my very own sweet time to get ready before tuition. ..which means it's time to start studying and preparing for exams. ..which means less playing the computer, online and watching television. ..which means no more outing with family/friends till after exams. ..which means no more sleeping late and gotta wake up early everyday. ..which means more stress. Ahhhh. WHICH MEANS EVEYTHING LA. =XX I don't want school. I don't want schoooooooool. *Merajuk-ing*

And tomorrow I gotta go to school early! SOB. Nevermind, just gotta tahan for 1 more month and holidays will come. :P Anyways, since I might not be able to online/blog that much anymore, I would like to take this oppotunity to wish good luck to all my kawans who are taking PMR. All the best. :D You know what? Less than a year, I'm gonna be in their position as well. Damn freaking scared laaaa. Gahhh. Better stop thinking about it. =/

One more thing, I will might try to blog about my Kuantan trip ASAP. Maybe I'll just post the pictures and let them do the talking.

Gotta go. Bye bye. :)

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