Monday, September 15, 2008


What should I say?
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival? :D

Yea, today's the day where people celebrate the moon cake festival under the sky with our beloved ones. I guess not everyone does that. As for me, that's what I did. Nothing fancy, nothing big. But, I sure do enjoy those moments being with my family. Though we just stayed at home and played in my house compound, I really had fun. To me, it's not about how grand we celebrate it or how expensive the lunch/dinner we had. It's the quality time I spend together with my love ones that matters. I might sound weird or whatever you call it, but it's the truth. One thing I like the most about this festival is we as one family gather in a place, anywhere will do, having fun and appreciate our time together. More like bonding.

This year, I celebrated with Daddy, Mummy, Sisters, Auntie and Uncle. The sad thing was, I didn't get to celebrate with my other family members like my grandparents back in my hometown. Miss them so freaking much, but what to do? Anyways, had dinner together with my auntie and uncle. Reached home and it was drizzling. My sisters were screaming "Don't rain!" out loud and my dad was like, luckily we played the lanterns yesterday. Actually, we kind of celebrated it twice. Yesterday and today. =/ After awhile, the rain stopped. (Luckily) Then we start to light up all the lanterns and hang it around the house. It was fun, you know. I remember when I was a kid I'll be carry this favourite lantern of mine around with a stick. Had it for years till one of the days it got burned and all I did was cry and cry and cry. Daddy and Mummy had to comfort me like crazy and at the end, I got over it. Haha. Those days, those days. Oh by the way, I had moon cakes as well, very delicious weyyy. Only get to eat them once a year. :P

Nice, right? :DBlurified.Mummy and Daddy. :DDD Joey.Jamie.Joanne.Oh, pretty moon.Random.Joanne made this.

After that, chit-chatted with my family members. Sat under the skies, watching the bright, pretty full moon. :DD We were talking about our vacation to Kuantan during the Raya holidays which is on the 28th. woohoo! Finally got to go to a bitch beach! Have been wanting to go for such a loooong time. The sad part was my parents aren't going. Daddy will be busy working and Mummy will be going to Singapore to do her working stuff. Sigh. So, it's gonna be me, my sisters, aunty and uncle. But still, I'm so looking forward for it, though I'll be missing my parents and also my friends. And and, there will still be another trip to Terengganu on November. Another beach weyyyy. This time with my WHOLE family. And when I say whole, I really mean it. Not only my parents and sisters, but my grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins will be going as well. Gahhhh. Gotta start dreaming and waiting patiently for it. =X

Anyways, I did my kerja kayu in the afternoon with my Daddy tpday. It was fun, get to bond a little with my dad. I'm not really finish yet. Just halfway through. Hopefully I could get it done before the Raya holidays. And and, morning jog was cancelled cause my mum overslept. =/ Okay, I gotta go. Tata. :)

Swing, Swing from the tangles of
My heart is crushed by a former love

Can you help me find a way

To carry on again

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