Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Thanks, Rissara for the pictures and also the post. Read it already. Ily. :DD Thankieu so much for coming to my house. Although it was so freaking last minute and random, it was worth it. It was fun hanging out with you like a ding dong, retard, and emo. Thanks for listening all my craps. Nahh, you don't need to be sorry, okay? Even if you are, you'll be forgiven by belanja-ing me Secret Recipe. :P I would like to apologize for my wrong doings as well, nobody's perfect, right? If there's anything you feel like letting out, feel free to give me a call, or text me or even talk to me in school. I may look emo or some shit in school, don't worry, you can still talk to me because I REALLY DO CARE. Okay? This goes to Priiiiya, Brend Fren and Ruthie Teo as well. Okayyyy? If there's anything, cepat-cepat find me tauuu. I'll be there for you, holding you tight and go through ups and downs together cause we're all in this together. Haha. I sound so High School Musical-ish. :P Anyways, thanks alot to those who have been helping me through those break downs especially my kawan baiks. And sorry if i ever hurt any of your feelings. I really didn't mean to. And if any of you dislike any part of me, tell me straight forward because sometimes I may tend to not realize my wrong doings. Okay?

This picture was edited by Ruthie. :)

So, school was okay. But I was really tired. That's one of the reasons why I was so moody. Went morning school to do Moral project. It was okay. Manage to finish all of them. Sivik project is still in the process, but I'm satisfied with it. :D Everything in school seems to be falling apart sometime. Don't seem to understand why and hope to understand why. LOL. I'm crapping too much. Anyways, everything was just normal and boring. Had perhimpunan, everything went messed up because we did loads of last minute stuff. Luckily, it became normal after that. Tution was fine. Finally felt much better. :) Gotta go. Night night.

Let fate decides.

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