Monday, August 18, 2008

Not Dead.

It's ALIVE! :D
LOL. So sorry for not blogging in such a loooong time. Although I did, it was just a short one. Anyways, let's just get to the point since I've got soooo many updates to do. I'll just start with today's one. And the others will be some other time or maybe later if I'm not lazy. :P

So, it's already holiday, but sadly it's just only for a week. Gahh. I wish I could have more of them. What I did today is just relax, relax and relax. Nothing else. I've been dying for this day to come. Feel so much better after relaxing. For once, I felt problem-free. Nothing to worry about, nothing to think about. Just me, myself and I. heeheee. Did loads of stuff with my sister, Jamie today since my other sister went to Zoo Negara with her friend to see kangaroooo. :P Watched OTH with her, went for a jog with her as well. It was GREAT and fun being with her, doing silly and childish stuff. :D But obviously we missed Joanne too.

After sweat bathing. =X

After dinner, went to tuition. Had a little mood swing due to my health. Didn't really feel good. Had a bad flu, cough and soar throat. By the way, I'm glad you called. Had loads of fun talking to you and I'm happy right now. :D

From now onwards, I promise myself that I would live life to the fullest. Laugh as loud and much as possible. Try not to emo as much as I do last time. Think negative positive and look at the bright side. Leaving the past and never look back again. Try to learn from all my mistakes I've done. I will not care what people think and gossip about me, especially those who judge a thing without knowing the truth cause I know what I'm doing and think before saying anything cause words can really hurt people. Here, I would sincerely like to apologize to all those people who I've hurt. I really didn't mean it. I may or may not be forgiven, but I just want you all to know that I'm really sorry and I'll not do it again. I would also like to thank those people who have been there for me when I'm in ups and downs, especially my friends. ILYSOMUCH. :) And I promise I'll always be there for you guys no matter what.

Leaving the past, in to the the future.

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