Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daughtry, babeh. :D

This is a freaking old update. Since the pictures are already in my computer, so I decided to blog about it. Well, actually I went for Daughtry's concert on 26th July.
It was worth going since the ticket was free. Priya gave me one. heeehee. Thanks alot for bringing me. Had loads of fun there. Didn't scream that much, but it was still good. I gotta admit that the crowd wasn't as good as the one in BSB's concert. Had to wait for a long time for Daughtry and his band to come out. Everything went really great after he came out. :D Reached home after midnight. Here's the picture I took. Didn't really camwhore much though.

Bad quality.The crowd.1U. :D
Reflection.Tired, smelly and sweaty. :P

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