Saturday, June 7, 2008

Last Outing.

I feel so mixed emotions right now. I'm happy, emo and pissed at the same time. I don't know why, but I just feel so. My life doesn't seems to be the way it is. I feel that I was used and nobody actually care about me. And I just don't understand why they couldn't wait for me for just awhile? Sigh. I guess they just don't want me to be there.

Anyways, today I went for my LAST outing. gahhh. Saying this reminds me that holidays are gonna end really soon and there will be more stress like exams grades and also prefects. I really wish I could have a time machine to go back to the first day of holidays. I'm seriously not looking forward to go to school. :( Well, lets just stop talking about it and continue about the outings.

So, Sandy and Rissara came to my house in the morning. I was suppose to wake up at 8am, but I was late because my alarm didn't ring. Then, Priya picked us up at about 10am. Met up with Brenda and Chen Shen near the cinema, bought our tickets and walked around while waiting for the others to come. Me, Sandy and Rissara went into Padini to check out some clothes and we tried them out and also camwhored in the fitting room. LOL. After that, we met up with Nic Kee and Shane. Then, we decided to go to Starbuck. We chit chatted and hangout there till Mun Chun called and we went to meet up with him and Sarvesh.

Bought popcorns and drinks and watched Kung Fu Panda. Sandy and Rissara didn't want to watch, so they walked on their own and they met up with Ellisha. After the movie, we eat at Burger King and walked Ellisha back to her mum. Watched Prom Night. It was okay, not as scary as those ghost movies I watched last time. And yes, I covered my face every single time the guy kills someone. Thank you, Rissara for lending me your shoulders. :P

After that, again we fooled around. Went window shopping with Sandy, Rissara and Mun Chun. Haha. It was funny because Mun Chun had to follow us everywhere, doing crazy stuff. And, Priya and Nic Kee bought me a Chris Brown CD and I don't know why. So random, right? Then, everybody decided to go home. Reached home at about 8pm and I'm seriously exhausted now.
Deciding where to go.Them camwhoring.MY WHITE ELEPHANT.:)Get it?Sandy's and mine. We shared.
Rissara's one.
Sandy bought this shirt.Kung Fu Panda tickets.
Brenda's sexyback. Oh yea, did i mention that Brenda wore a SLEEVELESS shirt, a pair of EARING and a NECKLACE? goshhh. She looks so hot and feminine in it. :)
rate it 9/10. It's a must to watch and you will never regret doing it. It's really funny.7/10. It's just an-okay-movie.
Chen Shen coloured his hair. It's not good for your hair, you know. =X
It's always the smarter choice. :)
awww. She's too shy to admit that she loves me.An innocent look? Yes? No?LEGO.
Please take one. :)The CD Priya and Nic Kee bought for me. THANKS ALOT! (It was so random.)Talking about CD, Priya borrowed me this.

One more thing, screw the government for raising the price of the petrol. My mum uses it as an excuse for not fetch me for outings. :( I gotta go. BYE.

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