Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm currently waiting for Sandy to pick me up to Max Valu. She was suppose to fetch me at 1pm, and now it's already 2.20pm. :( I'm waiting, SANDYYYY. :DDD Damn, I just realize that holidays are going to end soon. Today is already Thursday. Sigh. Why must time past sooooo fast, why laaaaaa. I DON'T WANT SCHOOL! =/ And, I seriously gotta buy new clothes. Have not been buying any since my birthday. MUMMY, I NEED TO SHOP FOR CLOTHES! Hopefully I could buy them before school starts, if not I wouldn't know when could I find the time to buy them. Ignore me, I'm just complaining and nagging ALOT. Bye.
A random picture taken by Ellis. :)
I miss you.

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