Friday, June 6, 2008


Went hangout with my old friends again. weee. I'm so happy. People who went for the hangout were Sandy, Sandra, Ellisha, Naveena and Lakshimi. Have not seen Naveena and Lakshimi for a very loooong time and I'm really glad they came. I really had lots of fun there. Anyways, Sandy came at about 2.30pm. Headed to Max Valu and had lunch at secret recipe. I had a slice of chocolate cheesecake and a bowl of mushroom soup. It was so filling.

After that, we wanted to go to the playground nearby, but Ellisha was afraid of a so called RAPIST there, so we walked around for awhile. Then, we went to New Zealand Natural. Chill around and chit chat, talking about old times and lame stuffs we did. For example, the AZNIL thing, right Sandra? I seriously can't stop laughing about it. I was actually a fan of him? hahahahaha. So embarassing la.

Then, Sandy's mum came and we went to her house. As usual, we camwhored, did silly stuff and bla. I only took a few pictures using my camera phone, cause everyone brought their own camera and who wants to take pictures using a hand phone if they got their own camera? So, most of the pictures are taken from Ellisha's and Sandy's blog. Thanks and I'm sorry for stealing. =/ Daddy picked me up at about 6pm. Had my dinner and went to kumon. Finish my worksheet in 15minutes! weeeee. Again, I'm happy. :DDD

chocolate cheeeeesecake!
mushroom soup. (rissara, take a look! :P heeheee.)one and only picture with her. :(Naveena. :)LOL?best friends. :)
my LESBION partner.
that's what are friends for.
my hot babe. :)
editted by Ellis.
i love this picture.
editted by Ellis.
i love them.Took this picture on 29th May. (from Sandy's blog.)


I miss you.

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