Sunday, June 1, 2008

a day in pavilion.

goshhh. im starting to hate streamyx. its freaking slooooow. nowadays, i might be posting about something a little later. it depends on my stupid connection. sometimes, it works and sometimes it doesnt and its freaking annoying! :( so, i went pavilion yesterday with my family. actually according to the date of the post, its today. i had a hard time posting this yesterday, so i decided to stop and saved it. it was my first time there. i know, stupid right? the place is freaking big and nice. loooooads of shops there. the food there was like superb. so many food to eat, dont even know which one to choose. haha.
my breakfast.glasses.
T for tiger.

kiddy chair.
nice bottle with a very nice price. :)

the fitting room was HUGE. my sis claims it a mini hotel. LOL.

aunt and sis.

after pavilion, went back home and did my tuition homework. yes, i know what you're thinking. im a nerd. well, i got nothing else better to do, because my internet wasnt working. cant blog, cant use friendster, cant chat and cant watch gossip girls. gahhh. then, i decided to wrapped my textbooks after 6 months having it. i was actually suppose to wrap it when i got it which is on the first day of school, but i was too lazy. =X
saw the eyeball? :)

currently listening to the click five's old album. i wanna go their concert! anyone mind to spare me free tickets? =X oh yea, i already upload the malacca trip pictures into my computer, so ill be blogging about it real soon. kayh, i gotta go. loves.

Life is a chemical creation.

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