Saturday, May 31, 2008

kelsey's house.

had my day in kelsey's house on thursday. the people who went were ellisha, sandy, sandra and of course kelsey too since it is her house. at first, we chit chatted and had lunch. we went swimming in a club near her house and suddenly it rained, so while waiting for it to stop, we played in the children playroom. we were like kiddies and did loads of ding dong stuff. then, we walked back home and watch over her dead body. the movie was kind of boring in the beginning, but overall it was okay la. after that we talk again and went back to sandy's house at about 8pm. hang around in her house till 9.30pm. we were talking and laughing so hardly on some craps. :P

PICTURES.KELSEY. jalan says, welcome.poooooool.the pizza we had.

no parking, please.

and then, it says thank you.
these pictures are taken from sandy's blog. so, credits to her. :)

sandy.for once, im the TALLEST. :Pcrap.mrs. beani love her.sandy drew this few days ago and it is so pretttyyyy! :)

bye. (damn, im pmsing. :[ )

Friendship wont last, it stays.

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