Monday, May 19, 2008


i feel so happy emo right now.

i was actually halfway practising my drawing today and i couldnt draw any of them because each questions need to draw people in it. im totally not good in drawing people besides the stick kind. =X so, i just sat down and daydream. i realised that im talentless. i cannot draw and that is sooo OBVIOUS! i;m not good in dancing, singing, instruments or sports. and that's how i realise that IM TALENTLESS. sobbb. i was thinking about it the whole time and i feel so emo right now. sigh. :( sometimes, i really do feel jealous of people who have talents and they are really lucky to have one. but somehow, certain people dont really appreciate their talent and i dont seem to understand why. i want to learn instrument, but my claims that it will stress me out. i used to learn hip hop but at the end, i stop. because again, my mum claims that i do not have time. i want to take up sports, but i'm having transport problem to school. sighhh. why is life so unfair to me? :(

Life is unfair, unpredictable and it is always full with ups and downs.

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